About Alicia By Nature UK Lifestyle blog


Hi! I’m Alicia. I’m a twenty-two-year-old lifestyle blogger who lives in the South of England with my family. I’ve always been creative; I’ve been writing since I was about 12 years of age – I love it as much as I did then! Back in September of 2017, I self-published my first poetry collection, ‘I Danced with Sorrow’ which I’m immensely proud of. After that, I took a break from writing and now I’m back again with my 3rd blog. Yes, third. What can I say? I’m fickle.

I’m a proud owner of three small dogs and two cats; I’m a huge fan of junk food and I spend most of my time binge-watching every new series that I can find on Netflix. I’ve also recently started a YouTube channel called, ‘Alicia By Nature’ to showcase my latest fashion ‘lookbooks’ but it’s nothing too serious; they’re a lot of fun to make!

You’ll probably find me tucked up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate most nights, watching an online series (or anything that grabs my attention). I’m a total introvert and I firmly believe that nothing can beat a cosy night in. Oh, and animals are better than people, hands down. Mostly dogs. Dogs are better than people.

Thanks so much for stopping by!